Our Commitment To Fairtrade

At Safehouse Coffee we are committed to Fairtrade.

This means promoting and supporting fair working conditions and sustainability for local people. It also means decent working terms and conditions for our farmers and their workforce in the countries we trade with.

The Fairtrade Mark is only awarded to produce which adheres to its high standards. This means that all the coffee produced by Safehouse Coffee is of the required standard, as agreed and verified by the Fairtrade Foundation.

However, we do not only meet our minimum obligations. We are also firmly committed to doing more, whenever we can, to fight poverty and disadvantage, wherever we come across it in the world.

We pledge that for all the coffee we produce, we will do everything to the best of abilities to empower and enhance the quality of life of the people producing it.

This means partnerships with local communities and participating in social programs such as education, health and sanitation.

We are proud to be able to help in a number of the communities where we trade and support local initiatives such as primary school education and clinics.

By signing up to the Fairtrade ethics and aims, we play our part to relieve poverty and hardships from the people who produce our coffee and work with them to forge links with the communities in which they live.

The programs we have supported include;

A soccer pitch for the use of workers and their families. Our help also includes providing the machinery to keep the field mowed and cleared (Honduras).

A library for the use of the entire community. This has provided a welcome space for children to do their homework as well as helped to create a social space for the whole community to come together (Ethiopia).

A medical center which had fallen into such bad disrepair it had become unusable was renovated and made safe, with financial help (Indonesia).

Several local schools have been helped in various communities where we trade, in different ways.

For some, it has been about supplying the vital resources needed so that teachers can get on with their job and children can learn properly. Where needed, we have supplied books, paper, pencils and other learning equipment to several schools.

In other cases, it has been the shortage of qualified teaching staff which has been the problem. We are proud that our help has funded one full time teaching post for a year (Tanzania).