The Three Steps To Heaven – Creating Coffee Shop Bliss In Your Own Home

Busy mums and people who work at home will realize the special space that the coffee shop represents to them.

But we all know that a paper cup of beans at a well known coffee chain can come with a price tag that can be hard to swallow.

And sometimes, there are just days when you can’t make it out of the house, no matter how hard you try.

For those moments, what you really need is a coffee shop at home.


First things first, you need to start with the cup of Joe that you are chugging.

Whilst we can’t tell you what machine to choose, we can advise you to get the best machine that you can afford to.

To create a true barista experience in your kitchen, you need to have the best quality machine on offer.


The quality of the coffee machine – or pot – that you buy is only as good as the beans that you use in it.

So, unless you’ve bought a pod machine, then you are going to need to start buying some quality beans to use with it.

Oh, and a grinder worth its salt, too.

Remember, this doesn’t necessarily have to cost the earth – nor does the machine/ pot.

You might choose to buy a French press – or a mocha pot – both are simple and effective.

It just needs to be quality and produce a coffee that you are going to love.


Perhaps the thing that we associate with the coffee shop the most is its wonderful aroma.

So how to recreate that at home is one of the most important aspects of the ambience you want.

Naturally, you will want to use your coffee grinder as well as your machine or pot, to get the wonderful scent of coffee grinds into the atmosphere.

But at home, the coffee might have to compete against some other – less desirable – smells.

For example, your kitchen does not have the advantages a coffee shop has. It has to do some actual cookery and sometimes, that can leave a lingering odor in the atmosphere.

Then, if you have a pet or two, maybe throw some kids into the mix and worse still, live with a smoker, this could add up to a pretty smelly situation.

In order to let your coffee shop ambience triumph you need to neutralize all the other odors in the house.

The only real way to do this is to a) air the house properly and b) purify the air.

Whereas opening a few windows is easy to do, it does not always get rid of the undesirable smells.

This is where the air purifier comes in.

An air purifier can help remove smells and odors caused by smoke, animal dander, pollen, pollution and other irritants that might be threatening the air quality in your home.

It is possible that if you are only trying to create the coffee shop vibe in one room, that a small portable air purifier for odors might be sufficient. Check out reviews for odor eliminator air purifiers

But if smells are taking over your home, it might be best to get a larger unit which works with your HVAC system and can help maintain the overall air quality throughout. For that however, it will be a more costly job as you will have to hire a professional to carry out the work required.

Follow these tips and you will find the three steps to your own coffee shop haven!